“Battle with Own Thoughts”

Sometimes we do not realize our own thoughts keeping us away from be a best in life. Our own thoughts do not permit us to do the things which we really wish to do. Most the time people have cant do thoughts, and that cant do thoughts become reality in our life. This is really important to have good thoughts. Our wrong mindsets keeping us away from getting higher in life. When sometime we got failure , that failure mindset makes home in our mind and we learn to live with that mindsets.

I tell you one example – Once One of my friend visited to Paris. Her trip was not so good. She encountered with very rude people their who were not friendly and helpful to her. She came back to her country with a mindset that French people are so rude. They do not help anyone and all. This mind set has made home in her mind. Now anytime i discussed about Paris or french people , she always come up with negative thoughts about them.

Like her many people program her thinking to negative thoughts and their own thoughts become enemy. So what you are holding in your mind is really important. It is really important to examine your mind . Some time your so called mindset makes you miss many opportunities and good things that come into your way. Keep check on your mindset.

Some people have mindset of cant do , like i can not do , am not well able and so many negative thoughts just hit the delete button and reprogram your mind with can do , i am well able.You have to make up your mind and reprogram your mind and step into a new season of life.

Live life like a child. Children do anything they want to do . They do not have any fear. They do not care about what others say , they just enjoy life .But when they grow up , their mind start reprogram with extra circumstances, someone  tell them what they cant do this and that.. These things pushed them back and they make mindset in their mind.  That’s what happen to mostly people . Little by little their moral goes down. Dreams they have seen fades away because of their thoughts. Sit down and think about it. Think that who program you to think like that, who program you to have this kind of mindset. Try to understand you are the only master of your mind. Only you have the right to program your mind. So program your mind with good thoughts instead of bad thoughts.

Just because all the people you grew up with are negative, you are not suppose to be negative. Just because your friends do not have dreams, and not much successful, it does not mean you are suppose to be like them. Too often we accept it. We do not understand that this is not God’s best yet.  Remember that You are created to be happy and successful. These  circumstances, people  can not make your destiny , God will.

If you will not allow these circumstances, these bad thoughts to make home in your mind, yo will be able to raise higher in life. Do not let bad thoughts win your mind. If your mind can program to negative thoughts, then it can also reprogram to positive thoughts. Recognize wrong mind set will keep you from away from your destiny. Always have positive mindset like I can do this, I will win this, I will complete this. Always have “I can”  “I Will ”  mindset instead of  “I Cant”  ” I wont”.

Believe me if you want , you can do anything. You just need to convince your mind to think only positive, see only possibilities. Your one bad thought like you are not talented to do this and that, if you allow this thought to enter into your mind and make a room , it can keep you from fulfilling god given destiny.

Whenever those thoughts come into your mind like you cant do this, quickly say to your mind No Thanks , i am not taking this, i know i can.  Do not let that thought to stay in your mind for long time. May be all the experts says , this is not possible, this is not practical thing to do , this is not easy to reach an all. Do not listen to that thoughts. Just remember that they are no one to give final say, God will give you final say. God will never put the dream in your heart if he has not given you the ability to accomplish that. Only your own thoughts are responsible for your happiness, your success.

A the end i want to say hit the delete button to your bad thoughts and reprogram your mind with thoughts of hope, thoughts of victory. And “Win the Battle With Your Own Thoughts”.

God Blessing you 🙂

6 thoughts on ““Battle with Own Thoughts”

  1. very inspiring!!!looks like u believe alot in god or rather the creator as u told in ur posts!!!if everyone belives like you, this world will be very peaceful to live in.

    may we get more people like who can share there thoughts and we can live a happier life

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    • Thanks John. Yes i have strong believe in GOD.. And i wish too all the people around the world live in peace .
      God Bless You 🙂


  2. nothing is permanent except the ending of our life, still we keep worrying and dont enjoy what we have and we can !!! i hope god give power to everyone to enjoy life


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