Love Unconditionally

Its very easy to love people who are just like us, who look like us, dress like us. But what about the people who do not look like us, people with whom we disagree. Usually we keep judging people in every area . Like sometime we judge people for work , sometime for looks, sometimes for his status and for so many things. I have experienced in life , we only love people who are just like us, who agrees with us. People who we find different from us, we start keep judging them. For instance if someone has dressed differently , or may be he/she like to carry that , we keep judging , saying , what she wearing , its low class and all.This is really very bad attitude. Never Judge anyone in life. Always remember the person you are judging is made by Lord, father of universe who made you. God has given them a life. So every time when you are going to judge someone , it would be like that you are judging GOD.

Always love everyone while you agree or disagree , while he/she will meet your standard or not. When you love everyone Unconditionally , you will find that love back into your life. You need to understand a thing that every person is on journey. Where they are right now , do not mean  they are ended up at same. May be you do not like  a person today because he/she is poor, But after sometime you do not know, he can be listed in most rich personality in your society. So often we judge people where they are today. Stop doing this.

You are not here to judge , you are here to love. I have seen some people who treat good only to those people who they think meet their standards. Once i went to family function. I have seen that one guest was standing in the middle of way to dining table. When one waiter asked him to give side  to reach dining table ,then  that guest  treated him very badly and ask the waiter to come by long way. And after few minutes another guest wearing good suit asked him to give side to reach the same dining table, Guess what happened then ?? He gave him side and said very gently “SURE SIR”. Have you noticed the difference ?? This is what people do, they judge people. Do not have this kind of attitude in life. Always remember that waiter and that guest in suit has made by the same GOD. Waiter is also a child of most powerful God. God is counting everything.”Your actions will make your future. What you are doing right now, you will get in future. If you judge people , sometime in life, you will judged by the same way. And if you love people , you will get Unconditional love back”.


Do not make people feel inferior, less than. In life we all do lots of mistakes, we all do various things wrong , But still God loves us and forget our faults and get us out from all trouble. Like God shows us Unconditional love, the same way God wants us to love people Unconditionally.

Sometime you judge people with their clothes, like i do not think she is wearing a good dress, May be she is not but you do not know what is she been through , you have not walked into her shoes. So do not judge her and try to love what she likes and if you cannot like , then at least do not judge her. Like god freely give us mercy, the same way give mercy to people.

You never know people you are judging right now, can be your savior  in future. I tell you a story of my office, In my team there was a person who was different, he has many bad habits like he was addicted to cigarette and other drugs and he was very straight forward . He says anything to anyone in front of his face. He used to wear one clothes for several days.He was only into him. My co-worker do not like him , always judge him for everything. Sometime i also found him strange and different person. Once one of our client moved to another company and 3 co-workers got fired. Company has given them a month to leave a organization.  Two of them quit the company and moved to another one. One of them was still in search. At that time that person who was always victim of criticism,  suddenly leave the organization because he got a good offer from another firm. At the time he left organization  , our company CEO ask him to recommend someone he known for his position . He was in very good  position. And then he recommend a person who got fired and was in search for new JOB. He helped and saved the Job of a person who criticized, Judge him a lot behind his back. That fired co-worker got higher position because of a person he used to judge all the time. He has never thought of it that the same person he used to judge all the time will save his Job and because of him , he will get a higher position. So never Judge anyone. You never know who can be your savior in life to raise you higher in life. See everyone with eyes of love, respect and mercy. Everyone is different in their own way.

You never know who you think is an ordinary today, people who you hate, judge today , can help you to raise higher in future. So never ever judge people and love people as the way they are. You never know God’s plans. God can send anyone into your life to raise you higher, to raise you more in life. You never know people you judge and hate all the time, can be your savior in future. Do not close a single door from single person in life by hating , judging them for everything. God had made everyone special and equipped everyone with unique specialty.

To the pure, all things are pure. So how pure you are , depends upon how much you judge others. When you have heart of pure, you do not have heart of judge, you will have heart of full of mercy , full of love. Give everybody room to become what god has created them to be. Do not judge by exterior. You may not understand someone, you do not have to , just love them. May be you do not agreed with someone, you do not have to , just accept them. Show mercy, give unconditional love. You will have more joy in life.

At the end i only want to say  “Stop Judging & Start Loving”

God Bless You 🙂

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    We do all judge, but is it so bad? It is natural to human. For instance, if you are visiting, like myself (I make fun of myself) Sweden from Arizona. Their summer is colder than my winters; so my first purchase heavy sweater. They are in swimsuits enjoying the summer, and I have on jeans, sweater and gloves.
    But I made many friends as they inquired as to why I was dressed as such.
    But on the other hand a Pakistani comes into an American bar; we are at war. He is dressed as a Mexican Bandito and I alerted the bar, and proper authorities to his presence. Did I save many Americans that night? I shall not know. But to judge can create friends and sometimes save lives. Think of that before you think being nice is always correct. Learn “stranger danger”. A lifetime of war after war for me; I am very wary of strangers and foreigners now.
    Signed, an American.


  2. Hi Neha. You truly have faith in God and looks like a very self-motivated person. Your writings can inspire people and give a new perspective to view life. So keep writing 🙂


    • Thanks Ankit..Its god who keeps me motivated. I am just trying to pass on my thoughts to others..
      God Bless You 🙂


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