Stop Dwelling On Disappointment

In life we all have to face disappointment in life. That disappoint may be in family, office or any other area of our life. To overcome the disappointments, you need to let go off the past, disappointment. Stop remembering your disappointment , your failure , what has happened in past. Because as long as you keep dwelling on the past, you are bringing that past into your future. Stop focusing on you past but focus on your future.

I am not saying to become heartless. i know its gonna feel pain when anyone face disappoint in life, when anyone lost his job or for nay kind of disappointment. Its natural to feel the pain . I am only saying not to hold that pain for long. Do not live with that for long time. As we all have destiny determined by god to fulfill. Do not let yourself to live with self pity.

I see people usually saying Why did this happen to me?, why i lose my love one?, why God didn’t listen my prayers?, Why me ?

NO, Quit dwelling on what has happened in the past, move on and see around yourself, its not happening to you only, its happening to everyone. What is done is done , let the past be the past and go one. You have to understand God has something better in store for you. Gos has new beginning for you .

Sometime in life , our wishes do not come true, no matter how hard we pray. Do not disappoint at that time, God must have better plans than that prayer you did. God knows what’s right and what’s wrong for you.. He will only bring the better things into your life. God wants you to take your scars and turns around in to stars. Quit getting depressed in what you can not change. Quite should have, could have mentality and move ahead with confident. You can not do anything about whats gone , but you can do something for what’s left.

If you have miss the chance A , do not worry , You have chance B, C . God will not close the door until open another door. Learn to accept the things, situation. Learn to forgive. Do not let your past poisons your future. Quit dwelling on your disappointments. May be you have done something wrong but quit dwelling on that and start a new fresh day. because the more you dwell on that things , more you are blocking God’s blessing into your life. If you have miss one chance,God will give you another.

God always has another plans and if you start quit dwelling on your disappointment , you will be able to see  the new ways in your life. Leave the past behind, God will leave you with new beginning. Sometime you need to totally put everything in God’s hand with a believe that He will do everything right.

When you learn to accept and forgive your past, your failure, disappointment , You will be able to see new doors in your life. Just try it in your life.Everyday is a new day, live every day the most you can. Think  Each day as It the best day of your life .

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At the end i would say you all Stop Dwelling On Disappointment Of Past And Start Focusing On Appointment Of Future.

God Bless You 🙂

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