Demonstrate Your Faith

I heard people saying , i pray god everyday, i have faith in God , i ask god to give me this and that everyday. I pray and pray but i do not see anything change in my life. Its good to pray and to have faith in God. But  Its not enough, You have to demonstrate  a faith in god. You have  to put action behind your faith. Its not enough to pray and just leave to god everything. God will do his part but before this , you have to do your part. You have to put action behind your faith , behind your prays.You have to understand what god want us to do. You have to do something to show god that you are serious about what you are believing for, what you are asking for. You can pray all day long, God give me promotion , god get me out of this problem , that’s good. But you have to do something to get god’s attention.

You have an addition of cigarette and you want to quit and you are praying God Please help me to get out of this addition . But are you doing efforts to get out of this, are you going to rehab or doing something else . Are you showing God , you really want to leave this addiction . If no then you have to.You need to start doing your part of work and God will do his part. If you really want to quit cigarette , do something that shows god that  its really difficult for you But  at least you are trying. From now, every time you open a packet of cigarette, throw away 2-3 cigarettes  and say in your mind “God I am trying to quit smoking” and if you buy 2-3 cigarettes then throw 1 cigarette. And if you buy only 1 single cigarette then have half cigarette and throw half of your cigarette and say to God – “God I am trying hard to quit smoking”. Once you will start doing this, you will automatically Demonstrate Your Faith in God and God will help you to get out of this addiction permanently.

May be you lost your job and you want to get a new  job immediately and you are praying all day -God give me a right opportunity but are you doing your effort to get a  Job ?. Are you uploading your resume to Job portals? This is what you need to do , you have to do efforts of your part , you need to apply for a Job , you need to give an interview , and your selection will be God’s part, God will give you right opportunity , will place you at right company..You need to do efforts to show God your faith into Him . Do your part , and pray God i am doing my part and i Know you will do your Now and See the miracles.


You are working in a company where people , your seniors do not treat you good, they try to pull you down every time, they insult you, they bitch about yourself behind your back. Usually,  you get frustrated, find yourself week, want to quit that firm But ask your self are treating your seniors and the people around you the same way you want to be treated? Are you praise them behind their back or you are just doing the same they do??? That’s what God wants to see in you. If somebody is not good to you and you want them to treat you Good , then firstly you need to treat them the way you want them to treat you. When you start treating people the way you want treatment for yourself, you will find the changes and get the same treatment you do for them. Try it from now and see the changes in your life. When you activate the faith in God by putting actions behind your Faith and God will give you everything you want in life.

People usually say, i tried but i have not got this job, i tried to get new home but my loan got unapproved. In short people try and when they do not get what they want , they easily quit and get discourage. Yes its obvious to get disappointed when you do not get what you want and it is also very easy to quit. But this is the time when you have to change your perspective to see the things, this is the time to get god’s extraordinary favor  . Always have never say  die attitude. Show God that you are still in faith , you really , truly  need this. Do not seat discourage .Try again, Find new ways. If you have tried doors, try windows, If you have tried windows, Try balcony. In short  you should always have never say die attitude. Remember that if God has closed one door , He surely have another, You just need to find that Door.

Its not enough to just believe , its not enough to just pray ,You need to Demonstrate Your Faith. People usually have a attitude like this- God Please help me to get of this sickness, i will visit your temple, church, everyday. God make my senior treat me right, then i will treat them good. God help me to get new Job , i will do more hard-work. No , God says, you have to do first, your move will be first. Dare to put action behind your faith and see the miracles. When you dare to put action behind your faith ,God will take you the places you have never dreamed off.

We all have dreams , big dreams in our life. But we see only some of our dreams comes true and only few people fulfill all their dreams. This is because they do not think that this dream is big or small and they do not doubt in any of their dreams. They show god full faith , they put action behind dreams. They follow never say die attitude. So never think this is big or small dream , just focus on your dream and Demonstrate Your Faith in God and start trying to fulfill your dreams.

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Just like you are reading my post, it shows god , you are trying to Demonstrate Your Faith in God, you are trying to be happy , motivated by reading such kinds of post. Miracles happens everyday , you need to just take one step further and do something to Demonstrate Your Faith. You have a strength to do what you could not do before. Some of you have a dream from long time that you are seeing, its really good you have that dream. But now it is  time to do something to fulfill your dreams, Its time to do something that Demonstrate Your Faith in God and God will help you to fulfill all your dreams that you think cannot come true.

At the end i want to say Its time to take one step Further and start putting actions behind your dreams.Do something to Demonstrate Your Faith and have everything in life with God’s Blessing.

God Bless You All 🙂

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