“Love Yourself”

There comes a time in life when you forget loving yourself. You get busy in pleasing other people and forget about yourself.You always compare yourself with another person. . You want to be like someone else. You just start hating about yourself. You neglect yourself.Clueless_Cher1

Too many people going around having wrong feelings inside. They always think they are unattractive, they are week, they are over weight and these thoughts playing constantly in their mind. Some kind of hesitation always remains with them. These people always try to be what others like them to be, i mean they spend their life to impress them because they think they are less than other people. They compliment others but never compliment themselves. This is the route cause of they do not live happy life. If you do not love yourself , you will never be able to love others in the way they want.

Always have good opinion about your self. Do not think you are less than from anyone. No matter you are over weight, no matter  you are from mediocre  family , no matter you are less educated, Just treat yourself special and love yourself unconditionally. Remove any inferiority complex from your mind, be confident for what you are , what you have. Always remember you are not less than from anyone because you the child of a special and super powerful god. Because when you treat your self less than , less confident , mediocre, unhappy, struggling, you are attractive these negative thoughts around yourself and automatically you will receive what you have seed in your mind.

When you will start loving your self , people will love you automatically. Have confidence in yourself. You might not have the qualities that your co worker have, but you have your own qualities and characteristics that makes you different from others. We all have faults and weaknesses, but god never want us to be  against ourselves. If you feel about yourself less confident ,less talented, ugly, not successful , you will become exactly that. You carry yourself just the way you feel yourself.

When you feel wrong about you , just remember you made from super powerful god. People see you just the way you see yourself. If you feel , you are talented, you are beautiful, you are intelligent ,that’s the way other people will see you. Always see your self masterpiece made by god, feel good about you. No one can help you to grow up in life, only you can. Once you start feeling good, confident, more than conquer, you will develop a energy within yourself which will lead you to victory and happy life.

I feel when you treat yourself inferior, people will see you like that. You have noticed sometime in your life, when you wear some dress and you have a doubt that may be that dress doesn’t suit you. You go to party and ask someone this dress doesn’t suit me , this is too short , color is not good. People who have not even noticed these things, start noticing and give you reply , No No you looking  good but yes this color is little bit light for this party. You , yourself putting doubt about yourself in their mind by creeping about yourself , your dress. Never feel bad about yourself. People will treat you or see you the way you want them to treat or see.

Sometime in life , you met with a people having average looks, average personality , average qualifications but even though you found them so attractive, so influenced and you keep on thinking on your mind whats special about them that i do not have, why every one is influenced by him/her. This is because they treat themselves special , they feel good about them.

You are average, you are poor, you are having bad looks, you are not having good education, all these things does not matter at all. Just remember one thing , you are the child of creator of universe , God made you . You are not made by god accidentally. God made you for some special purpose. You have a destiny to fulfill and god has equipped you with everything you want to fulfill your destiny, you just need to realize that.

Have this attitude , I am what god says i am , I am equipped, I am  strong, I am well able , I am blessed. Shake off the inferiority , shake off the fear. Feel awesome about yourself and make other people to feel awesome about you.

You all have visited to places where you have hear an echo , reflection of your voice. What have when you say something there like you say hello, you hear back hello, You say “I can not do this”, you hear back “I can not do this”. Like this when you say “I can do this”, you hear back ” I can do this”.  Just like that life  is like an Echo. What you send , you receive.

Do not look at your weaknesses, Look at your self strong, more than conquer.  Develop a habit of appreciating yourself. May b you are not where you want to be in your life, but appreciate where you are today , what you have done so far.  May b you do not have a ,house you want but appreciate  what where you live today. Feel Good about yourself. Take time to compliment about yourself. Everyone have achieved something in your life so far, celebrate that instead of  going worrying about what you do have right now. Do not remember your defeat, remember your victory.

When you get up in the morning and you have thousands reason to complain about , you have thousands reasons to worry about, Just forget everything and say Thank You god for giving me another beautiful day, Thank you god for keeping healthy and strong, Thank you for my family and friends, Thank you god for giving an opportunities in front of me. When you start doing this, your faith will come alive and you will feel more confident , victorious.


God want you to feel good for who you are, See the best in yourself . I hear people saying, i am not lucky , my destiny is not with me, god never hears my prayers and many more negative things.  Remove these thoughts from your mind. God loves you and he wants you to love yourself. God never keep you away from your destiny, god never made you unlucky. No matter what has happened in your past, no matters its been how many years you have lived with negativity. Just forget all that. This is a new day, tomorrow will be new day.. Remind yourself back the way god made you. Remind your self your lucky, you are blessed, you are well able to fulfill your destiny.

At the end i will Say Just  “You are Amazing”, You are Wonderful “You are Blessed”.
Just “Love Your Self”.

God Bless You !!

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