“You Are Different”

There are many people who want to be part of the crowd and they usually follow others. What other people doing , what they says, everything affects on them. I give you example  When someone enters a college , your friends, relatives, family keep on saying, choose science, someone says choose commerce , science is so difficult , you are not gonna do this , and so many things. Some where in mind their suggestions, thoughts influences you and you accordingly choose your subject and make a vision in your mind that science is not my interest , i will not be good in this subject in future.. I am not saying you choose science or commerce. This is just an example i am giving you .How other people’s thoughts influences  us in life. influencing-people

I heard people speaking defeat like i can not get good job as i do not have good degree, I can not enter that firm or company because i do not have contacts. I can not think of going that place,as i am from poor family or middle class family. I have to struggle in that shift as manager do not treat good to juniors in that shift. I will not not get early promotion  because there are already more employees who needs promotions.

In short  80% people become the part of  majority. I want to remind you all , do not make yourself  part of that 80% people, choose to the part of 20%,. Choose to be the part of minority not majority .

Do not talk defeat , talk victory . Do not let people influence you but make them influence by your positive energy. You are not somebody , you are different . Treat your different, unique .Remember that you have a unique set of experiences and characteristics that makes you different from others. You should have different spirit to live.

Its easy to be a part of majority and just go with the flow. Change that attitude. You are not supposed to be a part of majority , you are different.


When you heard someone complaining about life , like how bad life treating them. Do not join them and be thankful to god and say thank god ,i have a blessed and healthy life..May be your are surrounding with negative people in life, in your office who always complaining about something. Do not make them influence you. But influence them with your positive energy. Do not allow them to steal your joy. Do not let them pull you down , you have to pull them up..

When you are surrounded with the negative people at your home, office . You have to have different sprite to deal with them like more they talk defeat , more you need to talk about victory, more they look sad , more you need be happy, the more they complaint about you ,more you need to praise them, the more they talk about the problems, more you need to talk about possibilities. Don’t let them affect you , you can affect them.


Polish your self every morning, everyday. Thank god for everything . Do not fear from anything. Remind yourself every morning, every day , you have blessings of god. You have your destiny created by god to fulfill. When You know you are going  somewhere where there will be  negative environment, people will talk defeat, you need to train your mind double before joining them. Say in your mind again and again , i am strong, i am victorious,  i have everything i need, I am happy , I have my god’s blessing , whatever other people will say , this will not affect me. What people are saying is not final say, God will give a final say.. When you will start keep yourself away from negative things, negative talks, automatically you will feel everything positive in your life and you will feel joy within yourself.

No matter which family you come from , no matter which country you live in, No matter what your past was. All these things your family background , your past, your country does not determine your destiny , God will determine. Never pay attention on your weaknesses, see strength in your self and thank god for the strength you have got to do things.

I heard people saying , i have got big dreams, i wanna do this & that but i do not have money, i do not have right contacts, i do not have resources. Quit treating yourself week helpless. And start saying and thinking ,I can do anything, I do not have money right now, But I have a good health and strength to earn money . I do not have resources or contacts but i have a god’s hand on me who will  direct my steps towards victory.

Quit looking at the people who have problems and who are always worrying about something, who are always complaining But start looking at the people who live with different spirit, who never see problems but see possibilities.

If you have some medical problems, you have some addiction . Do not disappoint at all. Do not always think about your medical condition or addiction and feel sorrow , self-pity.  Remind yourself  ,yes i may have health problem or addiction right now but thank god i have a life, i am breathing and i will get over from this soon with grace of god.  You are the child of god and God never want his child to be in Pain. God want us to stay in faith and be strong in every situation .

It may look impossible but You know you are well able , You should have this attitude. Something looks difficult and taking long time but never quit hope. You are a believer not doubter , You see possibilities not problems. You see people who love you not your enemies. When someone try to push you down , do not pay attention . Remind yourself , They are not going to defeat me , i am going to become everything god want me to become. Always Remember , you can do anything you want to. God will never  put a dream in your heart for which you are not able to.

In morning remind your self, Everyday is a new day. If people around me wanna complain , they can but i won’t join them because i am a believer not a doubter. I am not a defeater , i am a victorious. If you learn to have this kind of attitude, you will be able to overcome any obstacle in your life and you will be able to fulfill the destiny god has created for you.


I hope my post will help you to remind  that “YOU ARE DIFFERENT ”  “YOU ARE BLESSED”.

God Bless You !!