“Find Happiness In Life”

In this post , I am talking about “Happiness” Primary Motive of each and every person. Everything we do, we do for Happiness.


But In today’s busy world  meaning of happiness have changed or lost i can say.

I see many people worried, frustrated, unhappy, for no reasons.  I travel in metro and meet and see many people everyday.. I found people shouting on each others for little things ,making big issues on small things, what makes them so angry as they forces to abuse for no reasons. They forget the meaning of happiness.

Many people do not realize , the reason they are unhappy, reason they are not enjoying their life. This is simply because they have forgotten to be happy, they have forgotten the true meaning of happiness, most important they have trained their mind to be unhappy, to see only negative things.  Their minds have fully trained to see only negative things and then that become a habit..

If you want to be happy , you need to develop a habit of always be happy on little things. You need to train your mind to be happy.  This will not happen automatically , you need to work on that..


Start focusing on the what’s right not what’s wrong.. Change your perspective to see the things. See only positive side , forget negative side..

Start thanking god what you have, not creep on that what you do not have.. In morning Before doing your daily activities , Start thanking god for everything you have.Thank god for a new lovely day, thank god for your health, thank god for lovely family, thank god for every little thing.. This will develop a habit of Gratitude in you which is very important to live happy life.

Find some reason to be grateful , it will help you to  get out of all your negative thoughts, sorrows, pain, depression and will make you feel happy. Just be happy , remind your mind every time that your primary motive is to be happy , money, big house, big car , these are the secondary motives in life..

What if you are rich by money but not rich by your health, Will you able to enjoy with your money? Will you be happy without good health?? I do not think you will.. So try to understand the primary motive of your life, which is happiness.

When you will develop a habit of gratitude , you will automatically feel happiness in everything . In every little thing find happiness and   be grateful.

Whenever you feel unhappy, negative, depressed, Immediate try to see the positive things in your life rather than thinking about your sorrow, depression..

“Is the glass half-full or half-empty? What do you think? Your Answer will show your perspective to see the things.”

We people always create a thought in our mind that things will give us a happiness. Remove this thought and reverse it that Happiness will give you everything.

People keep on changing the motive of happiness that’s why they get unsatisfied, unhappy, frustrated. Like firstly we say i will be happy when i will have a job. Once we get a job instead of enjoying that ,we create a next thought – i will be happy when i get promotion and we start taking tension about promotion..This circle goes on ..In this we forget to enjoy that particular moment. So try to enjoy and focus what you have right now , instead of thinking what you do not have,.. Once you start enjoying what you have and thanking god for what you have right now,  you automatically get positive energy and you will be more powerful ,  work with more enthusiasm , and automatically get more happiness, promotions in your life..

We all have bad times in life . We can not control that but we can control our perspective to see things. Like if you lost job , do not stay worry , creep on that .Do not take that in bad way ,Take it in positive way that You now have a chance to find a better, more meaningful, higher-paying position.And thank god to give you a new way .

When you are frustrated with your Job, your boss not treating you the way you want . Do not get frustrated. Stay happy and satisfied at that time. Think about the people who are fighting , struggling to get a job , At least you have a Job.. Thank God for this instead of creeping about your office and job.

Take everything very lightly , develop a habit to accept every situation with smile. Have faith in god at your bad times, and try to focus on what god has given you already..

Be grateful for everything . Do not take anything for granted.. Do not creep about your situation but find something to be grateful about. If you think you do not have a big house like your relatives, neighbors have, Remind your self at least you have a  house, there are many people you  see living in roads, sleeping in footpath. Thank god you have a house to live.

footpath people

If you stuck in the traffic while going to office,getting late,  instead of creeping that situation and getting frustrated, Think about the people who do not have a car and who travel through fully crowded metro ,buses, auto and  who come to office by walking in summer hot days. At least you are going in comfortable car. Be grateful for that. Thank God for this.

people-in-Auto-rickshaw-sidepeople walking30VBG_METRO_278325f

Being a grateful is the key to live happy life. We all have disappointments in life, but we have to discipline our-self not to focus on  negative. There are the things, people we can not change but we can change our self, our perspective. You do your part , God will do his part..

Look upon a things that are positive instead of a negative things in your life. Quit complaining about the things, quit complaining about the people in your life. Focus on their good quality instead of their bad qualities. Love them , they will love you back, When you will create a hate , you will get double hated attitude. Life is  very short. You do not know how long that person will gonna be here with you.

Treat everyday as a gift from a god. Everyday is a gift , unique and wonderful. Treat a day as its your last. Spend your day with smile on your face while you are in office, home, or anywhere.. You will feel joy within yourself. Count your blessing instead of your problems. Live each day being grateful. You will feel happy for no reason..


Things may not be perfect in your life. Remember there is no situation in your life which is difficult for god.   Stay at peace , no matter what comes against you, develop an attitude of finding a good in things.

As long as I am breathing , I will be happy. I will stay at peace. You need to develop this attitude…Shake off the self-pity , shake off the disappointment and Live life happily and strongly.

God Bless You !!