“Be Positive Or Be Quite”

“Be Positive Or Be Quite” a very common line you all have heard before. But have you ever realize this line in your life ? Have you ever apply this in your life ?? Moreover are you really think this line really means anything that can change your life or that is changing your life.. Do you know how strong this line is, i mean how effective is it to be positive or be quite.

I know you all must be thinking this is not possible to be positive all the time, and i also agree with this too, We can not be positive all the time ..As we are human not god ..Right??

So here is solution ” Be Positive Or Be Quite ” . So if you are not able to control your negative feelings at any moment of your life, Just simply “Be Quite”. Because at the moment you say anything negative , at that very moment you are inviting everything negative in your life and you are giving life to that negative thought. So try to ignore and try to be quite.

Sometime we all see things impossible in our life and we usually discuss that thing again and again, like i never be able to afford a nice house, i never be gonna have good break in my life, i never be gonna have good health, i never be able to have this and that …Stop this , stop saying i never be able to do this and that, as the moment you think and discuss  anything negative , you are inviting everything that things into your life. When you see no way ,then just simple be quite instead of discussing .

Just believe god, remind your self you are the child of Powerful god.. Start believing and thanking god for everything. Any time you think negative,  just remind your self you are very strong, There is someone who is working behind You.  If you god has started some thing , only he will end that . No one can keep you away from your destiny.

If you stop thinking, talking negative , God will do everything for you. Just believe in God. Don’t let the negative thoughts win.

Many times somebody asks us , how you doing and we usually keep on saying oh god let me tell you ,job is so boring, my business is slow, Health is not well, My in laws are not good,  in short we keep on discussing our problems .

Its easy to talk about  the problems , to complaint about things that are not working out. But in those though times, when you feel like complaining, you gotta a good reason to feel sours, lost a job, your friend betrayed you. .Then you have to Digg your heals in and say with faith- Business is slow but god is with me, I lost my job but god will make another way soon. My in laws do not love me but soon they will love me..

Always speak Faith Not Fear.. Have trust in God. God can do anything impossible, With god , you can heal anything..

If you can not say anything positive just zip it up and have faith in God.

So at the end i want to say “Be Positive Or Be Quite”

God Bless You.