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To all of us comes loss, in varying degree, whether of opportunity, of endeavor, or possession or person dearly loved. The emptiness then can be indeed like the hole in the sky when a great tree falls. Then is the time to some sapling hope, some new interest, and new effort. True that tall timber needs a long time to grow. But, the sapling hope, the new interest, new effort are green with faith in future. It is the dry. It is the dry old sticks that fall in the winds of change. The pliant saplings bend to the gale and rise again. Sometimes when you’re in a cloud and you are unable to glance, you’re apt to think that it is all over. Just remember that a misty morning doesn’t signify a cloudy day. You might lose all your possessions in fire, but don’t lose yourself. “When all else…

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Dream as if you’ll live forever, Live as if you’ll die today

Ramblings of a College Introvert

We’re responsive creatures, always yearning for some kind of carnal or spiritual fulfillment. So many of our conversations are dedicated to that one question: What makes us feel alive? For me it’s neither people nor adventures. It’s the shapes and colors that make up a city I love.

When I took a semester off in Cali, all I could think about was how much I missed NYC and how exciting it would be to blog about college life there. But four months after I returned to NYU I’ve only written four posts on my adventures here in the Big Apple. Ostensibly it’s because I just haven’t had the time. In reality it’s because I’ve kind of lost confidence in my writing. I don’t think I’ll ever be as good a writer as I would like to be, and I certainly don’t think I’m good enough to capture the sense of wonder I feel every time…

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“Why We Lose Our Enthusiasm “

Some time in life we feel completely exhausted, Lose Our Enthusiasm. Life become meaning less, we start feeling lost, sad, weak. I have personally experienced this in my life. There was a time when i lost my enthusiasm, life has become very boring, meaning less for me. My thought process has completely changed, I felt strong, happy only when i get something that i wanted to be happened. I think it happens to most of the people. We only feel good , happy when we got something we wanted and when we got that particular thing , we again lose Our Enthusiasm .

One of the main reasons that we lose our enthusiasm in life is because we become ungrateful..We take things for granted. What was once miracle , desire for us , become common to us. We forget to be grateful for things we have. We just start thinking about what we do not have. We forget to thank God for everything he gave to us, and we start questioning God like “Why i do not have this, why i cannot have this and all”.  Because of these thoughts we lost our control in mind, we get distracted  and lose our enthusiasm in our life.

To be happy in life. We have not to forget to be grateful what we have. At the time when you lose your enthusiasm in life , Try to remember the things you have achieved so far. Try to remember the goals you have achieved in life. Sit down and think about the things, goals you wanted to achieve sometime , you are having right now in your life. Like in life there was a time when you were unemployed and always think of working in a good firm , getting X amount of salary. Now, today you are living that life , you are living the life you dreamed of some day..Instead of  always thinking about next thing, what next , next goals, future, Be grateful about what you have today. What you have right now was sometime your goal and think you have achieved that. Feel the happiness  and excitement of getting it, feel the same excitement of having it as  the way you felt first time.

I am not saying do not set goals for future, Its good to have goals for future , but if you’re always living in the future, you’re never really enjoying the present in the way God wants you to. Live one day at a time. This is the main reason people having everything they required to live good life are not seem to be happy.

When you start to be grateful about what you have, you will start to be happy all the time. To live your best life now, you must learn to trust God’s timing, Do not think He is not  working, but you can be sure that right now, behind the scenes, God is arranging all the pieces to come together to work out His plan for your life.

At the end i want all of you to sit back and remember the things , goals you have achieved so far and feel the happiness of  having it as the same way you felt for the first time. 

“Be Grateful And Bring Back Your Enthusiasm”

God Bless You 🙂


“Battle with Own Thoughts”

Sometimes we do not realize our own thoughts keeping us away from be a best in life. Our own thoughts do not permit us to do the things which we really wish to do. Most the time people have cant do thoughts, and that cant do thoughts become reality in our life. This is really important to have good thoughts. Our wrong mindsets keeping us away from getting higher in life. When sometime we got failure , that failure mindset makes home in our mind and we learn to live with that mindsets.

I tell you one example – Once One of my friend visited to Paris. Her trip was not so good. She encountered with very rude people their who were not friendly and helpful to her. She came back to her country with a mindset that French people are so rude. They do not help anyone and all. This mind set has made home in her mind. Now anytime i discussed about Paris or french people , she always come up with negative thoughts about them.

Like her many people program her thinking to negative thoughts and their own thoughts become enemy. So what you are holding in your mind is really important. It is really important to examine your mind . Some time your so called mindset makes you miss many opportunities and good things that come into your way. Keep check on your mindset.

Some people have mindset of cant do , like i can not do , am not well able and so many negative thoughts just hit the delete button and reprogram your mind with can do , i am well able.You have to make up your mind and reprogram your mind and step into a new season of life.

Live life like a child. Children do anything they want to do . They do not have any fear. They do not care about what others say , they just enjoy life .But when they grow up , their mind start reprogram with extra circumstances, someone  tell them what they cant do this and that.. These things pushed them back and they make mindset in their mind.  That’s what happen to mostly people . Little by little their moral goes down. Dreams they have seen fades away because of their thoughts. Sit down and think about it. Think that who program you to think like that, who program you to have this kind of mindset. Try to understand you are the only master of your mind. Only you have the right to program your mind. So program your mind with good thoughts instead of bad thoughts.

Just because all the people you grew up with are negative, you are not suppose to be negative. Just because your friends do not have dreams, and not much successful, it does not mean you are suppose to be like them. Too often we accept it. We do not understand that this is not God’s best yet.  Remember that You are created to be happy and successful. These  circumstances, people  can not make your destiny , God will.

If you will not allow these circumstances, these bad thoughts to make home in your mind, yo will be able to raise higher in life. Do not let bad thoughts win your mind. If your mind can program to negative thoughts, then it can also reprogram to positive thoughts. Recognize wrong mind set will keep you from away from your destiny. Always have positive mindset like I can do this, I will win this, I will complete this. Always have “I can”  “I Will ”  mindset instead of  “I Cant”  ” I wont”.

Believe me if you want , you can do anything. You just need to convince your mind to think only positive, see only possibilities. Your one bad thought like you are not talented to do this and that, if you allow this thought to enter into your mind and make a room , it can keep you from fulfilling god given destiny.

Whenever those thoughts come into your mind like you cant do this, quickly say to your mind No Thanks , i am not taking this, i know i can.  Do not let that thought to stay in your mind for long time. May be all the experts says , this is not possible, this is not practical thing to do , this is not easy to reach an all. Do not listen to that thoughts. Just remember that they are no one to give final say, God will give you final say. God will never put the dream in your heart if he has not given you the ability to accomplish that. Only your own thoughts are responsible for your happiness, your success.

A the end i want to say hit the delete button to your bad thoughts and reprogram your mind with thoughts of hope, thoughts of victory. And “Win the Battle With Your Own Thoughts”.

God Blessing you 🙂

Love Unconditionally

Its very easy to love people who are just like us, who look like us, dress like us. But what about the people who do not look like us, people with whom we disagree. Usually we keep judging people in every area . Like sometime we judge people for work , sometime for looks, sometimes for his status and for so many things. I have experienced in life , we only love people who are just like us, who agrees with us. People who we find different from us, we start keep judging them. For instance if someone has dressed differently , or may be he/she like to carry that , we keep judging , saying , what she wearing , its low class and all.This is really very bad attitude. Never Judge anyone in life. Always remember the person you are judging is made by Lord, father of universe who made you. God has given them a life. So every time when you are going to judge someone , it would be like that you are judging GOD.

Always love everyone while you agree or disagree , while he/she will meet your standard or not. When you love everyone Unconditionally , you will find that love back into your life. You need to understand a thing that every person is on journey. Where they are right now , do not mean  they are ended up at same. May be you do not like  a person today because he/she is poor, But after sometime you do not know, he can be listed in most rich personality in your society. So often we judge people where they are today. Stop doing this.

You are not here to judge , you are here to love. I have seen some people who treat good only to those people who they think meet their standards. Once i went to family function. I have seen that one guest was standing in the middle of way to dining table. When one waiter asked him to give side  to reach dining table ,then  that guest  treated him very badly and ask the waiter to come by long way. And after few minutes another guest wearing good suit asked him to give side to reach the same dining table, Guess what happened then ?? He gave him side and said very gently “SURE SIR”. Have you noticed the difference ?? This is what people do, they judge people. Do not have this kind of attitude in life. Always remember that waiter and that guest in suit has made by the same GOD. Waiter is also a child of most powerful God. God is counting everything.”Your actions will make your future. What you are doing right now, you will get in future. If you judge people , sometime in life, you will judged by the same way. And if you love people , you will get Unconditional love back”.


Do not make people feel inferior, less than. In life we all do lots of mistakes, we all do various things wrong , But still God loves us and forget our faults and get us out from all trouble. Like God shows us Unconditional love, the same way God wants us to love people Unconditionally.

Sometime you judge people with their clothes, like i do not think she is wearing a good dress, May be she is not but you do not know what is she been through , you have not walked into her shoes. So do not judge her and try to love what she likes and if you cannot like , then at least do not judge her. Like god freely give us mercy, the same way give mercy to people.

You never know people you are judging right now, can be your savior  in future. I tell you a story of my office, In my team there was a person who was different, he has many bad habits like he was addicted to cigarette and other drugs and he was very straight forward . He says anything to anyone in front of his face. He used to wear one clothes for several days.He was only into him. My co-worker do not like him , always judge him for everything. Sometime i also found him strange and different person. Once one of our client moved to another company and 3 co-workers got fired. Company has given them a month to leave a organization.  Two of them quit the company and moved to another one. One of them was still in search. At that time that person who was always victim of criticism,  suddenly leave the organization because he got a good offer from another firm. At the time he left organization  , our company CEO ask him to recommend someone he known for his position . He was in very good  position. And then he recommend a person who got fired and was in search for new JOB. He helped and saved the Job of a person who criticized, Judge him a lot behind his back. That fired co-worker got higher position because of a person he used to judge all the time. He has never thought of it that the same person he used to judge all the time will save his Job and because of him , he will get a higher position. So never Judge anyone. You never know who can be your savior in life to raise you higher in life. See everyone with eyes of love, respect and mercy. Everyone is different in their own way.

You never know who you think is an ordinary today, people who you hate, judge today , can help you to raise higher in future. So never ever judge people and love people as the way they are. You never know God’s plans. God can send anyone into your life to raise you higher, to raise you more in life. You never know people you judge and hate all the time, can be your savior in future. Do not close a single door from single person in life by hating , judging them for everything. God had made everyone special and equipped everyone with unique specialty.

To the pure, all things are pure. So how pure you are , depends upon how much you judge others. When you have heart of pure, you do not have heart of judge, you will have heart of full of mercy , full of love. Give everybody room to become what god has created them to be. Do not judge by exterior. You may not understand someone, you do not have to , just love them. May be you do not agreed with someone, you do not have to , just accept them. Show mercy, give unconditional love. You will have more joy in life.

At the end i only want to say  “Stop Judging & Start Loving”

God Bless You 🙂

Stop Dwelling On Disappointment

In life we all have to face disappointment in life. That disappoint may be in family, office or any other area of our life. To overcome the disappointments, you need to let go off the past, disappointment. Stop remembering your disappointment , your failure , what has happened in past. Because as long as you keep dwelling on the past, you are bringing that past into your future. Stop focusing on you past but focus on your future.

I am not saying to become heartless. i know its gonna feel pain when anyone face disappoint in life, when anyone lost his job or for nay kind of disappointment. Its natural to feel the pain . I am only saying not to hold that pain for long. Do not live with that for long time. As we all have destiny determined by god to fulfill. Do not let yourself to live with self pity.

I see people usually saying Why did this happen to me?, why i lose my love one?, why God didn’t listen my prayers?, Why me ?

NO, Quit dwelling on what has happened in the past, move on and see around yourself, its not happening to you only, its happening to everyone. What is done is done , let the past be the past and go one. You have to understand God has something better in store for you. Gos has new beginning for you .

Sometime in life , our wishes do not come true, no matter how hard we pray. Do not disappoint at that time, God must have better plans than that prayer you did. God knows what’s right and what’s wrong for you.. He will only bring the better things into your life. God wants you to take your scars and turns around in to stars. Quit getting depressed in what you can not change. Quite should have, could have mentality and move ahead with confident. You can not do anything about whats gone , but you can do something for what’s left.

If you have miss the chance A , do not worry , You have chance B, C . God will not close the door until open another door. Learn to accept the things, situation. Learn to forgive. Do not let your past poisons your future. Quit dwelling on your disappointments. May be you have done something wrong but quit dwelling on that and start a new fresh day. because the more you dwell on that things , more you are blocking God’s blessing into your life. If you have miss one chance,God will give you another.

God always has another plans and if you start quit dwelling on your disappointment , you will be able to see  the new ways in your life. Leave the past behind, God will leave you with new beginning. Sometime you need to totally put everything in God’s hand with a believe that He will do everything right.

When you learn to accept and forgive your past, your failure, disappointment , You will be able to see new doors in your life. Just try it in your life.Everyday is a new day, live every day the most you can. Think  Each day as It the best day of your life .

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At the end i would say you all Stop Dwelling On Disappointment Of Past And Start Focusing On Appointment Of Future.

God Bless You 🙂

Demonstrate Your Faith

I heard people saying , i pray god everyday, i have faith in God , i ask god to give me this and that everyday. I pray and pray but i do not see anything change in my life. Its good to pray and to have faith in God. But  Its not enough, You have to demonstrate  a faith in god. You have  to put action behind your faith. Its not enough to pray and just leave to god everything. God will do his part but before this , you have to do your part. You have to put action behind your faith , behind your prays.You have to understand what god want us to do. You have to do something to show god that you are serious about what you are believing for, what you are asking for. You can pray all day long, God give me promotion , god get me out of this problem , that’s good. But you have to do something to get god’s attention.


You have an addition of cigarette and you want to quit and you are praying God Please help me to get out of this addition . But are you doing efforts to get out of this, are you going to rehab or doing something else . Are you showing God , you really want to leave this addiction . If no then you have to.You need to start doing your part of work and God will do his part. If you really want to quit cigarette , do something that shows god that  its really difficult for you But  at least you are trying. From now, every time you open a packet of cigarette, throw away 2-3 cigarettes  and say in your mind “God I am trying to quit smoking” and if you buy 2-3 cigarettes then throw 1 cigarette. And if you buy only 1 single cigarette then have half cigarette and throw half of your cigarette and say to God – “God I am trying hard to quit smoking”. Once you will start doing this, you will automatically Demonstrate Your Faith in God and God will help you to get out of this addiction permanently.

May be you lost your job and you want to get a new  job immediately and you are praying all day -God give me a right opportunity but are you doing your effort to get a  Job ?. Are you uploading your resume to Job portals? This is what you need to do , you have to do efforts of your part , you need to apply for a Job , you need to give an interview , and your selection will be God’s part, God will give you right opportunity , will place you at right company..You need to do efforts to show God your faith into Him . Do your part , and pray God i am doing my part and i Know you will do your Now and See the miracles.


You are working in a company where people , your seniors do not treat you good, they try to pull you down every time, they insult you, they bitch about yourself behind your back. Usually,  you get frustrated, find yourself week, want to quit that firm But ask your self are treating your seniors and the people around you the same way you want to be treated? Are you praise them behind their back or you are just doing the same they do??? That’s what God wants to see in you. If somebody is not good to you and you want them to treat you Good , then firstly you need to treat them the way you want them to treat you. When you start treating people the way you want treatment for yourself, you will find the changes and get the same treatment you do for them. Try it from now and see the changes in your life. When you activate the faith in God by putting actions behind your Faith and God will give you everything you want in life.

People usually say, i tried but i have not got this job, i tried to get new home but my loan got unapproved. In short people try and when they do not get what they want , they easily quit and get discourage. Yes its obvious to get disappointed when you do not get what you want and it is also very easy to quit. But this is the time when you have to change your perspective to see the things, this is the time to get god’s extraordinary favor  . Always have never say  die attitude. Show God that you are still in faith , you really , truly  need this. Do not seat discourage .Try again, Find new ways. If you have tried doors, try windows, If you have tried windows, Try balcony. In short  you should always have never say die attitude. Remember that if God has closed one door , He surely have another, You just need to find that Door.

Its not enough to just believe , its not enough to just pray ,You need to Demonstrate Your Faith. People usually have a attitude like this- God Please help me to get of this sickness, i will visit your temple, church, everyday. God make my senior treat me right, then i will treat them good. God help me to get new Job , i will do more hard-work. No , God says, you have to do first, your move will be first. Dare to put action behind your faith and see the miracles. When you dare to put action behind your faith ,God will take you the places you have never dreamed off.

We all have dreams , big dreams in our life. But we see only some of our dreams comes true and only few people fulfill all their dreams. This is because they do not think that this dream is big or small and they do not doubt in any of their dreams. They show god full faith , they put action behind dreams. They follow never say die attitude. So never think this is big or small dream , just focus on your dream and Demonstrate Your Faith in God and start trying to fulfill your dreams.

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Just like you are reading my post, it shows god , you are trying to Demonstrate Your Faith in God, you are trying to be happy , motivated by reading such kinds of post. Miracles happens everyday , you need to just take one step further and do something to Demonstrate Your Faith. You have a strength to do what you could not do before. Some of you have a dream from long time that you are seeing, its really good you have that dream. But now it is  time to do something to fulfill your dreams, Its time to do something that Demonstrate Your Faith in God and God will help you to fulfill all your dreams that you think cannot come true.

At the end i want to say Its time to take one step Further and start putting actions behind your dreams.Do something to Demonstrate Your Faith and have everything in life with God’s Blessing.

God Bless You All 🙂

“Love Yourself”

There comes a time in life when you forget loving yourself. You get busy in pleasing other people and forget about yourself.You always compare yourself with another person. . You want to be like someone else. You just start hating about yourself. You neglect yourself.Clueless_Cher1

Too many people going around having wrong feelings inside. They always think they are unattractive, they are week, they are over weight and these thoughts playing constantly in their mind. Some kind of hesitation always remains with them. These people always try to be what others like them to be, i mean they spend their life to impress them because they think they are less than other people. They compliment others but never compliment themselves. This is the route cause of they do not live happy life. If you do not love yourself , you will never be able to love others in the way they want.

Always have good opinion about your self. Do not think you are less than from anyone. No matter you are over weight, no matter  you are from mediocre  family , no matter you are less educated, Just treat yourself special and love yourself unconditionally. Remove any inferiority complex from your mind, be confident for what you are , what you have. Always remember you are not less than from anyone because you the child of a special and super powerful god. Because when you treat your self less than , less confident , mediocre, unhappy, struggling, you are attractive these negative thoughts around yourself and automatically you will receive what you have seed in your mind.

When you will start loving your self , people will love you automatically. Have confidence in yourself. You might not have the qualities that your co worker have, but you have your own qualities and characteristics that makes you different from others. We all have faults and weaknesses, but god never want us to be  against ourselves. If you feel about yourself less confident ,less talented, ugly, not successful , you will become exactly that. You carry yourself just the way you feel yourself.

When you feel wrong about you , just remember you made from super powerful god. People see you just the way you see yourself. If you feel , you are talented, you are beautiful, you are intelligent ,that’s the way other people will see you. Always see your self masterpiece made by god, feel good about you. No one can help you to grow up in life, only you can. Once you start feeling good, confident, more than conquer, you will develop a energy within yourself which will lead you to victory and happy life.

I feel when you treat yourself inferior, people will see you like that. You have noticed sometime in your life, when you wear some dress and you have a doubt that may be that dress doesn’t suit you. You go to party and ask someone this dress doesn’t suit me , this is too short , color is not good. People who have not even noticed these things, start noticing and give you reply , No No you looking  good but yes this color is little bit light for this party. You , yourself putting doubt about yourself in their mind by creeping about yourself , your dress. Never feel bad about yourself. People will treat you or see you the way you want them to treat or see.

Sometime in life , you met with a people having average looks, average personality , average qualifications but even though you found them so attractive, so influenced and you keep on thinking on your mind whats special about them that i do not have, why every one is influenced by him/her. This is because they treat themselves special , they feel good about them.

You are average, you are poor, you are having bad looks, you are not having good education, all these things does not matter at all. Just remember one thing , you are the child of creator of universe , God made you . You are not made by god accidentally. God made you for some special purpose. You have a destiny to fulfill and god has equipped you with everything you want to fulfill your destiny, you just need to realize that.

Have this attitude , I am what god says i am , I am equipped, I am  strong, I am well able , I am blessed. Shake off the inferiority , shake off the fear. Feel awesome about yourself and make other people to feel awesome about you.

You all have visited to places where you have hear an echo , reflection of your voice. What have when you say something there like you say hello, you hear back hello, You say “I can not do this”, you hear back “I can not do this”. Like this when you say “I can do this”, you hear back ” I can do this”.  Just like that life  is like an Echo. What you send , you receive.

Do not look at your weaknesses, Look at your self strong, more than conquer.  Develop a habit of appreciating yourself. May b you are not where you want to be in your life, but appreciate where you are today , what you have done so far.  May b you do not have a ,house you want but appreciate  what where you live today. Feel Good about yourself. Take time to compliment about yourself. Everyone have achieved something in your life so far, celebrate that instead of  going worrying about what you do have right now. Do not remember your defeat, remember your victory.

When you get up in the morning and you have thousands reason to complain about , you have thousands reasons to worry about, Just forget everything and say Thank You god for giving me another beautiful day, Thank you god for keeping healthy and strong, Thank you for my family and friends, Thank you god for giving an opportunities in front of me. When you start doing this, your faith will come alive and you will feel more confident , victorious.


God want you to feel good for who you are, See the best in yourself . I hear people saying, i am not lucky , my destiny is not with me, god never hears my prayers and many more negative things.  Remove these thoughts from your mind. God loves you and he wants you to love yourself. God never keep you away from your destiny, god never made you unlucky. No matter what has happened in your past, no matters its been how many years you have lived with negativity. Just forget all that. This is a new day, tomorrow will be new day.. Remind yourself back the way god made you. Remind your self your lucky, you are blessed, you are well able to fulfill your destiny.

At the end i will Say Just  “You are Amazing”, You are Wonderful “You are Blessed”.
Just “Love Your Self”.

God Bless You !!

“You Are Different”

There are many people who want to be part of the crowd and they usually follow others. What other people doing , what they says, everything affects on them. I give you example  When someone enters a college , your friends, relatives, family keep on saying, choose science, someone says choose commerce , science is so difficult , you are not gonna do this , and so many things. Some where in mind their suggestions, thoughts influences you and you accordingly choose your subject and make a vision in your mind that science is not my interest , i will not be good in this subject in future.. I am not saying you choose science or commerce. This is just an example i am giving you .How other people’s thoughts influences  us in life. influencing-people

I heard people speaking defeat like i can not get good job as i do not have good degree, I can not enter that firm or company because i do not have contacts. I can not think of going that place,as i am from poor family or middle class family. I have to struggle in that shift as manager do not treat good to juniors in that shift. I will not not get early promotion  because there are already more employees who needs promotions.

In short  80% people become the part of  majority. I want to remind you all , do not make yourself  part of that 80% people, choose to the part of 20%,. Choose to be the part of minority not majority .

Do not talk defeat , talk victory . Do not let people influence you but make them influence by your positive energy. You are not somebody , you are different . Treat your different, unique .Remember that you have a unique set of experiences and characteristics that makes you different from others. You should have different spirit to live.

Its easy to be a part of majority and just go with the flow. Change that attitude. You are not supposed to be a part of majority , you are different.


When you heard someone complaining about life , like how bad life treating them. Do not join them and be thankful to god and say thank god ,i have a blessed and healthy life..May be your are surrounding with negative people in life, in your office who always complaining about something. Do not make them influence you. But influence them with your positive energy. Do not allow them to steal your joy. Do not let them pull you down , you have to pull them up..

When you are surrounded with the negative people at your home, office . You have to have different sprite to deal with them like more they talk defeat , more you need to talk about victory, more they look sad , more you need be happy, the more they complaint about you ,more you need to praise them, the more they talk about the problems, more you need to talk about possibilities. Don’t let them affect you , you can affect them.


Polish your self every morning, everyday. Thank god for everything . Do not fear from anything. Remind yourself every morning, every day , you have blessings of god. You have your destiny created by god to fulfill. When You know you are going  somewhere where there will be  negative environment, people will talk defeat, you need to train your mind double before joining them. Say in your mind again and again , i am strong, i am victorious,  i have everything i need, I am happy , I have my god’s blessing , whatever other people will say , this will not affect me. What people are saying is not final say, God will give a final say.. When you will start keep yourself away from negative things, negative talks, automatically you will feel everything positive in your life and you will feel joy within yourself.

No matter which family you come from , no matter which country you live in, No matter what your past was. All these things your family background , your past, your country does not determine your destiny , God will determine. Never pay attention on your weaknesses, see strength in your self and thank god for the strength you have got to do things.

I heard people saying , i have got big dreams, i wanna do this & that but i do not have money, i do not have right contacts, i do not have resources. Quit treating yourself week helpless. And start saying and thinking ,I can do anything, I do not have money right now, But I have a good health and strength to earn money . I do not have resources or contacts but i have a god’s hand on me who will  direct my steps towards victory.

Quit looking at the people who have problems and who are always worrying about something, who are always complaining But start looking at the people who live with different spirit, who never see problems but see possibilities.

If you have some medical problems, you have some addiction . Do not disappoint at all. Do not always think about your medical condition or addiction and feel sorrow , self-pity.  Remind yourself  ,yes i may have health problem or addiction right now but thank god i have a life, i am breathing and i will get over from this soon with grace of god.  You are the child of god and God never want his child to be in Pain. God want us to stay in faith and be strong in every situation .

It may look impossible but You know you are well able , You should have this attitude. Something looks difficult and taking long time but never quit hope. You are a believer not doubter , You see possibilities not problems. You see people who love you not your enemies. When someone try to push you down , do not pay attention . Remind yourself , They are not going to defeat me , i am going to become everything god want me to become. Always Remember , you can do anything you want to. God will never  put a dream in your heart for which you are not able to.

In morning remind your self, Everyday is a new day. If people around me wanna complain , they can but i won’t join them because i am a believer not a doubter. I am not a defeater , i am a victorious. If you learn to have this kind of attitude, you will be able to overcome any obstacle in your life and you will be able to fulfill the destiny god has created for you.


I hope my post will help you to remind  that “YOU ARE DIFFERENT ”  “YOU ARE BLESSED”.

God Bless You !!



“Find Happiness In Life”

In this post , I am talking about “Happiness” Primary Motive of each and every person. Everything we do, we do for Happiness.


But In today’s busy world  meaning of happiness have changed or lost i can say.

I see many people worried, frustrated, unhappy, for no reasons.  I travel in metro and meet and see many people everyday.. I found people shouting on each others for little things ,making big issues on small things, what makes them so angry as they forces to abuse for no reasons. They forget the meaning of happiness.

Many people do not realize , the reason they are unhappy, reason they are not enjoying their life. This is simply because they have forgotten to be happy, they have forgotten the true meaning of happiness, most important they have trained their mind to be unhappy, to see only negative things.  Their minds have fully trained to see only negative things and then that become a habit..

If you want to be happy , you need to develop a habit of always be happy on little things. You need to train your mind to be happy.  This will not happen automatically , you need to work on that..


Start focusing on the what’s right not what’s wrong.. Change your perspective to see the things. See only positive side , forget negative side..

Start thanking god what you have, not creep on that what you do not have.. In morning Before doing your daily activities , Start thanking god for everything you have.Thank god for a new lovely day, thank god for your health, thank god for lovely family, thank god for every little thing.. This will develop a habit of Gratitude in you which is very important to live happy life.

Find some reason to be grateful , it will help you to  get out of all your negative thoughts, sorrows, pain, depression and will make you feel happy. Just be happy , remind your mind every time that your primary motive is to be happy , money, big house, big car , these are the secondary motives in life..

What if you are rich by money but not rich by your health, Will you able to enjoy with your money? Will you be happy without good health?? I do not think you will.. So try to understand the primary motive of your life, which is happiness.

When you will develop a habit of gratitude , you will automatically feel happiness in everything . In every little thing find happiness and   be grateful.

Whenever you feel unhappy, negative, depressed, Immediate try to see the positive things in your life rather than thinking about your sorrow, depression..

“Is the glass half-full or half-empty? What do you think? Your Answer will show your perspective to see the things.”

We people always create a thought in our mind that things will give us a happiness. Remove this thought and reverse it that Happiness will give you everything.

People keep on changing the motive of happiness that’s why they get unsatisfied, unhappy, frustrated. Like firstly we say i will be happy when i will have a job. Once we get a job instead of enjoying that ,we create a next thought – i will be happy when i get promotion and we start taking tension about promotion..This circle goes on ..In this we forget to enjoy that particular moment. So try to enjoy and focus what you have right now , instead of thinking what you do not have,.. Once you start enjoying what you have and thanking god for what you have right now,  you automatically get positive energy and you will be more powerful ,  work with more enthusiasm , and automatically get more happiness, promotions in your life..

We all have bad times in life . We can not control that but we can control our perspective to see things. Like if you lost job , do not stay worry , creep on that .Do not take that in bad way ,Take it in positive way that You now have a chance to find a better, more meaningful, higher-paying position.And thank god to give you a new way .

When you are frustrated with your Job, your boss not treating you the way you want . Do not get frustrated. Stay happy and satisfied at that time. Think about the people who are fighting , struggling to get a job , At least you have a Job.. Thank God for this instead of creeping about your office and job.

Take everything very lightly , develop a habit to accept every situation with smile. Have faith in god at your bad times, and try to focus on what god has given you already..

Be grateful for everything . Do not take anything for granted.. Do not creep about your situation but find something to be grateful about. If you think you do not have a big house like your relatives, neighbors have, Remind your self at least you have a  house, there are many people you  see living in roads, sleeping in footpath. Thank god you have a house to live.

footpath people

If you stuck in the traffic while going to office,getting late,  instead of creeping that situation and getting frustrated, Think about the people who do not have a car and who travel through fully crowded metro ,buses, auto and  who come to office by walking in summer hot days. At least you are going in comfortable car. Be grateful for that. Thank God for this.

people-in-Auto-rickshaw-sidepeople walking30VBG_METRO_278325f

Being a grateful is the key to live happy life. We all have disappointments in life, but we have to discipline our-self not to focus on  negative. There are the things, people we can not change but we can change our self, our perspective. You do your part , God will do his part..

Look upon a things that are positive instead of a negative things in your life. Quit complaining about the things, quit complaining about the people in your life. Focus on their good quality instead of their bad qualities. Love them , they will love you back, When you will create a hate , you will get double hated attitude. Life is  very short. You do not know how long that person will gonna be here with you.

Treat everyday as a gift from a god. Everyday is a gift , unique and wonderful. Treat a day as its your last. Spend your day with smile on your face while you are in office, home, or anywhere.. You will feel joy within yourself. Count your blessing instead of your problems. Live each day being grateful. You will feel happy for no reason..


Things may not be perfect in your life. Remember there is no situation in your life which is difficult for god.   Stay at peace , no matter what comes against you, develop an attitude of finding a good in things.

As long as I am breathing , I will be happy. I will stay at peace. You need to develop this attitude…Shake off the self-pity , shake off the disappointment and Live life happily and strongly.

God Bless You !!